DIY: Turn your old jeans into shorts!

Hello lovelies!

Summer is coming and also the shorts!
Instead of spending money, we will recycle some old jeans that do not use. So today I bring you how to turn your old jeans into shorts. ;)


Let's lose weight

Hello lovelies!

Starting to work after several days without blogging, I've been thinking about all future blog posts. Suddenly I've been hearing about girls who want to lose weight, like me. I really am a thin girl, but like almost all of the girls, we always have something we do not like about our bodies. But this has a solution, good nutrition and physical activity. It may sound easy but it is not, you need to have discipline and be committed to this. This is more than just vanity, it's about being healthy. :)

I will show my daily routine and tips that I hope will work for you as me. :)

An important tip is to do this for yourself.