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Hello lovelies!

Starting to work after several days without blogging, I've been thinking about all future blog posts. Suddenly I've been hearing about girls who want to lose weight, like me. I really am a thin girl, but like almost all of the girls, we always have something we do not like about our bodies. But this has a solution, good nutrition and physical activity. It may sound easy but it is not, you need to have discipline and be committed to this. This is more than just vanity, it's about being healthy. :)

I will show my daily routine and tips that I hope will work for you as me. :)

An important tip is to do this for yourself.

My routine

- After doing all my daily routine, I go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I always choose fruit, yogurt or cereal. It really is delicious and very healthy course. While I'm eating, I'm checking my social networks, my email or watching a video on youtube.

- My exercise routine is NOT the same every day, every day working on something different, in my abs, arms, legs, cardio, pilates but sometimes I just run or dance.

- There are 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch and dinner. Always include vegetables, grains, fruits, dairy and meats. Dinner should always be three hours before bedtime.


- Instead of eating junk food, change it for fruit. You can also change it by seeds, like pistachios.

- Some girls like going to the gym with makeup. I'm not someone who uses makeup while doing physical activities, I really feel uncomfortable because I'm sweating. I really encourage you to be natural., There is nothing better than showing off your natural beauty and you avoid being worrying to retouch your makeup. But if you're a girl who likes makeup to go to the gym, here I leave you a video.

- Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable as possible for you.

- Always stay well hydrated. Do not forget to always carry a bottle of water with you.

- Do not demand more than what your body can do, because you can seriously hurt you.

- Be patient, everything has a process. The results are NOT fast, but are secure.

- There is not a rapid method. Do not take weight loss pills, you only if the doctor has prescribed. Do not go for the methods "fast" or "magic diets" can seriously harm your body. Always go with a doctor and a nutritionist

- Never want to have the body like a model or an actress you saw in a magazine or television, every body is different and beautiful. Go with an expert and ask him to guide you to get the ideal body for you.

- Remember to always do so with a mind and positive energy.

- Remember do not put yourself at risk, seek advice from professional people.

I'd like to hear your experience and thoughts, so do not forget to comment and follow me on my social networks. ;)

Remember that you are beautiful just as you are!

Much love, Bells.

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