DIY: Turn your old jeans into shorts!

Hello lovelies!

Summer is coming and also the shorts!
Instead of spending money, we will recycle some old jeans that do not use. So today I bring you how to turn your old jeans into shorts. ;)

1. Put the jeans on and mark the length you’d like them to be with a pin or dress marker.

2. Take them off and lay flat. Measure the length from the inseam (crotch) down to the point you’ve       marked. Measure and mark this length on the opposite leg too.

3. Measure 2 cm below these marks (this allows a margin for error and room for fraying) and cut the jean legs off at this point. If cutting them particularly short you may want to cut the back of the legs a little longer than the front.

4. To fray, start pulling a few threads along the edge with scissors or a knife to get it started, then throw in the washing machine with a load, to help it along. 

And there it is, new shorts!

Shorts Viatge

I hope you liked it!

Much love, Bells!

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